Australian-made steel can build their classrooms and futures

While some steel products might have their final coating applied in Australia, steel products made by BlueScope Steel are 100% Australian made. So when you specify steel products made by BlueScope Steel, you're helping to build better classrooms and better futures for young Aussies.

Using steel products made by BlueScope Steel helps minimise your risk in any project, especially Building Education Revolution (BER) projects with tight deadlines. Availability of our quality, fit-for-purpose steel products is second to none.

Flexible, low maintenance design meets BER priorities

Australian made steel building solutions give you the ability to create buildings that are both economically and environmentally sustainable. Because steel products made by BlueScope Steel are proven under harsh Australian conditions, you can be sure your school buildings will provide excellent service life and require minimal maintenance. And because steel is both lightweight and strong, it offers the creative freedom and design flexibility to create multi-use buildings for all to enjoy.

Speed of fixing, cost-efficiency, low maintenance, thermal performance and durability are just some of the traditional benefits of working with Australian made steel.